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'Get me my f--ing gun': how Safety Dropped at Canberra Hospital
Critical questions are raised about safety at Canberra Hospital, following witnesses remembered a police officer ordering a wardsperson to chose up a lost gun through the week's shooting episode. Fairfax Media can show a nurse was allegedly attacked by a person under police guard in another episode only days before. The Canberra Hospital emergency department.

Police investigating two burglaries at companies on same Norfolk road
NORFOLK, Va. - Scott and Company Rug Cleaners told News they had been ransacked on Tuesday morning. Authorities said it is one of 2 companies reported burglarized off Juniper Street about 3:30 a.m. Scott and Company Rug Cleaner's supervisor, Kathy Nicholson, said someone broke the front window, climbed in and cut all of observable wires to telephones and gear. She also reported that a $600 notebook being stolen. "Approximately $30 in petty cash was taken from the money register," Nicholson said.

Spain proceeds to shield rights of tourism'21st-century slaves'
From pablo rodero MADRID (Reuters) - Spain's tourism industry is enjoying record growth, accounts for one-tenth of this market and pushes project creation, but a group of hotel employees feel that the flourish has left them behind. Cleaners, whose plight has become emblematic of the inequalities surviving in Spain even after the market rebounded from a deep downturn, are now the first to profit from changes to labor legislation by both month-old authorities of Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez.

End of Lease Cleaning
Whether you are moving out and would like to get your security deposit back in full, or need to prepare a rental space for the next sublet, then you need Peters Cleaning. They understands what it takes to get the house back in the perfect condition, before, during and after a move. Their end of tenancy cleaning services are specialized to ensure any home is restored to its greatest condition. Their team is fully equipped with everything they need to make the residence look like a dream home. If you are moving out in a hurry, or need extra assistance preparing your sublet quickly, Peters Cleaning Services are the perfect solution for all your needs.

The very best electric bikes that one should you purchase?
Tear up that Travelcard, it is time to try out a new direction of commuting: electrical bicycle. When it comes to the very best electric bicycle, there is just 1 option for all of us in the minute - that the Gtech eBike. And, if we are being particular, the Gtech eBike Sports. For below #1,000, you receive a gorgeous e-bike which in fact resembles a bicycle. The Gtech eBike Sports additionally boasts a 30-mile max variety, is easy to operate and control and adjusts speed nicely. That is why it's our pick for the greatest electric bike.

I Believe In Sierra Wireless - Sierra Wireless, Inc. (NASDAQ:SWIR)
Thesis Sierra Wireless ( SWIR ) is a pure-play from the net of items (IoT), which equates to linking devices to the web or"the cloud". A lot people consider"smart goods" such as studying thermostats, robotic vacuum cleaner, etc.. However, there's much more to the IoT than customer devices such as industrial and business applications which aren't even near being completely implemented.

Reasons why I refuse to look at Aldi
I would like to know, is shopping at Aldi worth the strain? All my life it has been Coles or Woolworths and occasionally IGA when I am feeling a bit funky. Most of us know IGAs inventory the brands that are exciting we'll never see in the larger supermarkets and that's why we adore them. But back to this stage. I have shopped at Aldi likely twice in my lifetime and that I likely will not be moving back. For a couple reasons, the first being I used to believe it was absurd you needed to make your own shopping bags. How ironic.

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